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Prof. Langtangen was a really remarkable person. He pioneered the adoption of Python for scientific computation and in this work, he showed that advanced applications in python can be implemented within a simple python microframework (flask). As a follow-on from this concept, in this tech demo, I have tried to integrate some python scientific modules with GNU (free software) programs like Octave, Gnuplot or Maxima in a personalised web workplace, a website which eventually can replace, where possible, some of my desktop applications.

Initially, my idea was to create a simple web server purely intended to support configuration files or data for a locally hosted Jupyter Notebook (see Chromebook and Crouton), but I have discovered that I can have tight integration between a Jupyter notebook and a concurrent web application. While I consider Jupyter notebooks great for literate programming, they are less ideal for writing reports or articles, then the next logical step was to include a markdown editor that can interact with the content of stored notebooks.

The application principal component is an extended markdown editor, supported by a simple Python micro framework and a JavaScript user interface, which connects in a coherent and logical way some relevant python modules (e.g. pelican, pweave, seaborn,sklearn) with Javascript applications and GNU free scientific REPL programs (Gnuplot,Octave). From a set of markdown files, presented through a web RSS-feed client, it is now possible to produce a report or an article in pdf or HTML format. The same feeds and notebooks can be displayed as html static pages by the popular python module Pelican (See Pelican Module ). It turned out to be a good ideas management system as well.

The most notable features that are currently implemented or in development are:

If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions, please feel free to contact me.


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I am a skilled and creative programmer with years of experience in several programming languages for applications related to information technology, science and engineering.