Personal Knowledge Management With VIM and Logseq

Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) systems have emerged as powerful tools for individuals to collect, organize, and retrieve information effectively. At its core, a PKM system serves as a centralized hub for storing personal insights, notes, ideas, and resources, enabling users to cultivate a repository of knowledge tailored to their unique needs and interests.


Logseq is a versatile tool that can be effectively utilized for journaling, an important part of a PKM. An empty Logseq graph is a folder with a predefined structure, shown below.

    +-- journals
    +-- logseq
    |   +-- .recycle
    |   +-- config.edn
    |   +-- custom.css
    +-- pages
    |   +-- contents.md

Each day's entry will be stored in a text file within the journals directory. The setting for the preferred date format is shown in the figure below.


The Logseq graph filesystem structure closely aligns with the organization created by the Vim plugin wiki.vim, especially when configured as follows:

    " wiki.vim customization
    let g:wiki_root = expand("%:p:h") 
    let g:wiki_filetypes=["md"]
    let g:wiki_link_target_type='md'
    let g:wiki_mappings_use_defaults='all'
    let g:wiki_mappings_local = {
                \ '<plug>(wiki-journal-prev)' : '<c-h>',
                \ '<plug>(wiki-journal-next)' : '<c-l>',
    call wiki#init#option('wiki_index_name', 'contents')
    call wiki#init#option('wiki_journal', {
          \ 'name' : 'journals',
          \ 'root' : '',
          \ 'frequency' : 'daily',
          \ 'date_format' : {
          \   'daily' : '%Y_%m_%d',
          \   'weekly' : '%Y_w%V',
          \   'monthly' : '%Y_m%m',
          \ },


LSP can be implemented with the Language Server Protocol (LSP) plugin utilizing the Markdown Language Server for enhanced markdown editing capabilities.

The configuration for the LSP can included in the root directory of the graph with the following .moxide.toml file:

    dailynote = "%Y_%m_%d" 
    heading_completions = true
    title_headings = false
    unresolved_diagnostics = false
    semantic_tokens = false
    tags_in_codeblocks = true
    references_in_codeblocks = true
    new_file_folder_path = "C:\\Users\\Seve\\workspace\\GridMemo\\pages"
    daily_notes_folder = "C:\\Users\\Seve\\workspace\\GridMemo\\journals"
    include_md_extension_md_link = false
    include_md_extension_wikilink = false
    hover = false

Calendar and Fuzzy File Finder

The last segment of the video below demonstrates the integration of Vim's plugin calendar and the fuzzy file finder, enhancing navigation within the graph.

The fuzzy file finder conveniently hides supporting files and directories using the following .fdignore file.